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RAKS Seasoning 5oz productRAKS "Picnics, Patios and More" is a unique combination of spices that will enhance your favorite meats, fish, vegetables and more. RAKS has developed this seasoning with the backyard Barbecue in mind, but its just too good not to use on almost everything you eat.

Try it on steak, eggs, hash browns, spaghetti, fries and popcorn. For a tasty twist, add a couple dashes to your bloody mary, red beer, or tomato juice.

For the do-it-yourself carnivores, mix 8oz RAKS to every 10 lbs meat for jerky, brats, slim jim's and sausage. Looking to marinade some steaks? Give both sides a healthy dose of RAKS, cover and let marinade in the fridge for 1-24 hrs, then toss 'em on the fire for a steak that will leave your family and guests begging for more.

Available in two sizes, 5 oz and 64 oz.

Check out our Recipe page for more great ideas, and be sure to let us know how you like your RAKS SEASONING!

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